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About Dining Abode and Thomas Johns

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My Dining Abode blog is a personal, gastronomic journey about one of my greatest passions in life, food!

Cathering – The Beginning

It all started when I was 5 and my mother, my sister and I moved from London to Ghana in West Africa, which is where my maternal side of the family is from. Mum started a catering business, baking cakes, pies and pastries with me always by her side in the kitchen.

Formative Years In Catering

Back in London, at the age of 14 I knew without doubt I wanted to be a Chef. It was Home Economics, I was the only boy in the class and while everyone was throwing flour around the room I had my head down, cooking, learning, absorbing every detail and loving it.

From then on it was an apprenticeship as a chef, working in numerous London kitchens before coming to Australia in 1993. I worked in many restaurants but knew I wanted my own after working as Sous Chef at Aria Restaurant.

When I became executive chef/owner of Pello Restaurant after being head chef there for a number of years, and earning two hats in the Good Food Guide Awards for two consecutive years, I really felt I had achieved a great goal in my cooking career, along the way running numerous, prestigious catering functions.

The Ongoing Journey

Now, continuing on with my journey I run Dining Abode, a private dining and catering company that offers a fine dining experience at home or private venues. I love the intimacy, meeting people and seeing first hand how food and the experience of dining together makes people feel.

My blog is all about sharing my catering and food experiences and inspirations be it a private dining function with Dining Abode, everyday food whilst I’m out and about, the markets, seasonal produce, cooking tips, recipes, things I have learned or food that I enjoy while relaxing at home with friends.

Hope you enjoy this journey with me and if you want to ask me something or want me to talk about anything on my blog, feel free to say hi at thomas@diningabode.com.au or check out my profile page for more about my journey with food.

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