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Dining Abode Spring Picnics and the perfect picnic food
Gourmet catering and a good Time Playing soccer with my son in Sydney

Playing soccer with my son

Picnics In Spring |Gourmet catering

Welcome to my second blog entry – subject matter, Spring and Gourmet Catering!

My wife suggested we take our son on a picnic last week and I was excited about it. As much as I enjoy spending time in private kitchens for Dining Abode, it’s always great to be outdoors when the sun is shining.

We had no idea where we were going, was it the Domain, Lane Cove River Park, Balmoral Beach or even as far as Palm Beach? The fact is I realized we are so spoilt for choice in Sydney be it where to have a picnic, what gourmet food to eat, what wine to drink etc

Gourmet Food

What I love with picnic food, is putting together a load of nibbles. I bought some great salami and prosciutto from the gourmet butcher, La Macelleria in Bondi and a wedge of Pecorino. They cure their own meats, which have a real depth of flavour but don’t go there if you are in a hurry. The butchers have an old-fashioned deli meat slicer, which can take a while but you get beautiful thinly sliced meats.

While waiting I bought a couple of fresh baguettes from Sonoma along with orange semolina cake and of course chocolate cake. With some other tasty accompaniments in the picnic basket including olives, nuts, grissini, hommous, pesto and smoked eggplant, we were on our way with our assembled gourmet hamper.

I also made a few healthy salads (just to ease the conscience) including an asparagus, avocado, shaved fennel and quinoa salad and an Asian inspired salad from the Dining Abode casual menu which is soba noodles, prawns, Vietnamese mint, chilli, daikon and shallots.

Picnic Location

So it ended up being Centennial Park, positioned near the duck pond but a little farther back. It was a great spot, peaceful, not too overcrowded, room to lie back and enjoy the food with a nice drop of Pinot Gris, read the paper and the best part of all was having the time to enjoy playing soccer with my son (who scored a few goals!)

What I love about gourmet picnics is that with our lives so planned on every level, it is one of the few enjoyments in life that can be a last minute thing! Here’s to spontaneity!!


With Gourmet Catering being offered, hope you enjoy this journey with me and if you want to ask me something or want me to talk about anything on my blog, feel free to say hi at thomas@diningabode.com.au

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